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We are a small, family-owned business that has a passion for coffee and dialing in the chemistry that makes a perfect cup.

Caiffestry is dedicated to producing the best coffee possible, one cup at a time.  We do this by combining chemistry with top quality coffees and hand selected brewing techniques.  The result is a cup that will truly open your eyes to the way coffee should taste.


We have combined forces with Ceremony Coffee Roasters to cup and select some of the world’s best direct trade, single origin coffees, roasted right in Annapolis.  The goal is to extract the flavor profile that makes each origin and farmer’s beans unique.  We prepare each cup of coffee to order using what we have determined to be the best selection of seasonal coffees using traditional Japanese pour over techniques. 


The techniques may be traditional but the coffee is progressive.  Our team tests each variable: brewing ratio, roast date, grind, water quality and temperature, even the filter and pouring technique for each coffee.  Caiffestry then painstakingly develops a brewing “recipe” that showcases the individual character of each coffee as soon as you smell the aroma as your hand poured cup is crafted. 


Caiffestry was started in Clarksville, Maryland by two engineers as a way to bring “third wave” coffee culture to Howard County in a friendly, unassuming manner.  Take a moment to enjoy the fruit of our labor and experience how Caiffestry handmade coffee can change the way you think about your cup.

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