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Single origin coffees enable transparency in the coffee production process.  Our roaster strives to establish long term direct trade relationships with those single origin farmers who grow the most unique, flavorful beans.  Caiffestry looks at the coffee varietal, altitude, latitude and drying techniques of each single origin we choose because these factors have a significant effect on the flavors inherent in the cup.  Then we work in the lab to develop the best recipe to highlight those flavors, and thus the “fruit” of the farmer.


In the spring coffees from South America and northern Africa are at their peak. 


We are currently serving the following Ceremony coffees:


Perfect Spring Brew

The perfect combination of flavors for spring!  A great combination of the juicy flavors of Burundi Masha and the chocolaty sweetness of Peru Cenfrocafe.

Enticing cherry and raspberry aromatics followed by pink lemonade and white chocolate notes in a juicy, fruit-forward cup.



Single Farm Select Lot

Year after year the Pereira family knocks it out of the park!  They used honey processing on this lot to highlight brown sugar sweetness of  the Acaia, Catuai and Bourbon cherries.  The end result is a classic of joe in your hand.

Honeyed almond aromatics. Brownie batter in a sweet, creamy cup.


High Altitude Microlot

Juan Pena is known for producing some of the best coffees in Ecuador.  Due to Sr. Pena's hands this ultra high altitude (2100m) single varietal (Typica) produces a truly unique flavor profile, like a cross between a fine Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and a classic Colombian.  This coffee is one of a kind!

Apricot and dark berry aromatics.  Tropical fruit and coconut custard in a juicy cup with a vibrant finish.


We proudly use fresh single-origin beans locally sourced from Ceremony Coffee Roasters in Annapolis.  They have an unrelenting passion for producing the best beans from the farm through the entire roasting process.


Caiffestry strives to showcase hard work of the farmers, pickers and processors who produce the beans we share with our customers.  We do this by focusing on selecting seasonal single origin (single grower) coffees from around the world. 




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